In a stunning look at repression Michael T. Weiss incorporates various mixed media often including combinations of photography, ink, colored pencil, oils, and digital manipulation, to explore how we as socialized beings sublimate our intrinsic anima.

Images of the human figure in various forms of restraint are bound with layer upon layer of dense webbing. Wrapped in this binding Weiss often includes images of religious iconography to represent how religion and society repress our basic primal urges. Hidden below the surface is a haunting glimpse of our interior nature. The result is an evocative, strangely beautiful work of rich depth.

Michael T. Weiss has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Southern California, has taken Art History coursework at Harvard University and is continuing his artistic studies at Otis College of Fine Art & Design.

He is also well known as an accomplished film, stage and television actor as well as a playwright. He resides in Venice, California and New York City.



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